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Graduate PR Executive

Attention, tech enthusiasts of the world! The Opportunity Hub UK is embarking on a thrilling quest to find an exceptional PR Executive who has an unwavering passion for all things technology!

Are gadgets and games your oxygen? Does your heart skip a beat when you peruse through the digital pages of Wired, The Verge, or Android Central, craving the latest and greatest news? If your head is nodding vigorously in agreement, then we want to have a chat with you.

Here at The Opportunity Hub UK, we're matchmakers between talent and exciting companies, and we're thrilled to be representing this incredible client who operates in the cutting-edge realm of technology.

Picture yourself rubbing shoulders with big and small brands, where every day will be an exhilarating adventure.

So, dust off your CV and get ready to embark on this epic journey!

As a PR Executive, you'll be entrusted with a range of responsibilities that will make your tech-loving heart soar.

Let's dive into what awaits you:

Here's what you'll be doing:

  • Embrace the exhilaration of working with exciting technology brands, ranging from the mighty giants to the daring startups.

    Your versatility will shine as you navigate their unique PR needs with finesse.
  • Unleash your eagle-eyed attention to detail as you meticulously craft strategic PR campaigns, leaving no stone unturned.

    Every word, every pitch, every media engagement will be flawlessly executed under your watchful eye.
  • Join forces with a dynamic and passionate team, where collaboration is the name of the game.

    Together, you'll conquer challenges, exchange ideas, and celebrate victories, creating an environment that feels like a big group hug.
  • Dive into the vast ocean of media engagement, building relationships with journalists, influencers, and key industry figures.

    Your ability to understand the wider scope of media dynamics will help you navigate the waves and secure stellar coverage for our clients.
Here are the skills you'll need:
  • A proud owner of 1-2+ years of experience in the thrilling realm of PR.

    You've conquered the challenges of this industry, and now you're ready to level up and make your mark.
  • Your love affair with technology, gadgets, or games is legendary.

    It's not just a job for you; it's a calling.

    Your passion will be the driving force behind your tireless pursuit of staying ahead of the game and keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Your people skills are top-notch.

    You effortlessly charm everyone you meet, building genuine connections and nurturing long-lasting relationships.

    Networking is your superpower, and you're not afraid to use it.
  • You possess organizational wizardry.

    Juggling multiple projects and deadlines is your jam, and you thrive in an environment where meticulous attention to detail is valued like gold.

    Chaos is no match for your super-organized ways!
And now, let's delve into the glorious benefits of this job:
  • An adventure-filled career in the realm of technology awaits you.

    You'll have the opportunity to work with innovative brands, shape their narratives, and make a tangible impact on their success.
  • A fantastic team of passionate individuals will be your companions on this epic journey.

    Collaboration, mentorship, and support are not just buzzwords here; they are the heart and soul of our work culture.
  • The chance to engage with the wider media landscape is at your fingertips.

    You'll build relationships, secure media coverage, and see your hard work shine in the spotlight.
So, dear tech aficionado, if you're ready to seize this incredible opportunity and make your mark in the world of technology PR, don't hesitate to reach out.

Together, we'll unleash your superpowers and embark on a thrilling adventure that will make waves in the industry.

Apply now and let the excitement begin!