Drainage Engineer

Job Title: Drainage Engineer

Location: Poole, Dorset
Type: Full-Time
Salary: £30,000 - £40,000 per annum (depending on experience)

Job Overview:
My client are looking for an experienced and dedicated Drainage Engineer to join their team in Poole.

This role involves conducting CCTV surveys, patching and lining, high pressure water jetting, and general drain repairs.

If you have a strong background in drainage engineering we encourage you to apply.

Key Responsibilities:
CCTV Surveys: Conduct thorough CCTV surveys to inspect and assess drainage systems, identifying blockages, defects, and overall conditions.
Patching and Lining: Perform patching and lining to repair damaged sections of pipes, ensuring long-lasting fixes without the need for full replacements.
High Pressure Water Jetting: Utilize high pressure water jetting to clean and unblock drainage systems, maintaining efficient flow and preventing build-up.
Drain Repairs: Undertake various types of drain repairs, including the replacement of damaged pipes, joint sealing, and other maintenance tasks.
Inspection & Diagnosis: Inspect drainage systems to diagnose issues and recommend appropriate solutions.
Documentation: Maintain detailed records and reports of all inspections, repairs, and maintenance activities.
Health & Safety Compliance: Adhere to all health and safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment.
Customer Service: Communicate effectively with clients, providing updates and advice on the status of their drainage systems.

Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience in drainage engineering or a similar role.
Skills: Proficiency in CCTV surveys, patching and lining, high pressure water jetting, and general drain repairs.
Qualifications: Relevant certifications or qualifications in drainage engineering; professional certifications are an advantage.
Technical Knowledge: Familiarity with drainage systems, repair techniques, and safety practices.
Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills for client interaction and team coordination.
Driver's License: A valid driver's license is required.
Physical Stamina: Ability to perform physically demanding tasks and work in various environmental conditions.

Competitive Salary: £30,000 - £40,000 per annum, based on experience.
Professional Growth: Opportunities for training and career advancement within the company.
Tools & Equipment: Company-provided tools, equipment, and safety gear.
Work Environment: A supportive and collaborative team atmosphere.

Hammond Recruitment Group is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.

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